After a show at the casino in Camrose, Alberta

From left - Tony, Kirby, Tracy, Wendy, Mario

Early stage shot

Collage we made Tony when he retired from the band

From left - Phil, Tracy, Wendy, Kirby, Bob

Early Arrival Promo - Bob, Steve - top left Tracy, Wendy - bottom left

Kirby Kaye on bass

Tony Manning on acoustic as Bjorn

Kirby & Tony (left)

Early Arrival Promo - clockwise from left - Tony, Bob, Wendy, Tracy

Tracy, (Frida) Wendy (Agnetha) before a show

Phil as Bjorn

Phil as Bjorn

Tracy & Wendy

Steve Manning & his Dad, Tony Manning - Left, Tracy & Wendy - right

Steve & Wendy

Wendy performing as Agnetha

Tony & Vera Manning

This page is dedicated to Vera Manning - RIP 2018 We love and miss you, Vee! xoxo

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